AXON 312
control room
Visit Axon 313
Visit Axon 313 booth between March 1-5th in CeBIT 2011 , Hanover, Germany in Hall 5-Stand E50-MalaysiaPavilion1.
Axon 313 team is visiting Makkah
Axon 313 team is visiting Makkah, Saudi Arabia to meet Mayor Makkah, Director Hajj Research Centre Umm Al-Qura University Makkah, Dunya of Saudi Binladin Group, & Zuhair Fayez Partnership from February 19-24th along with Dr. Mohd Zaki Bin Dato’Mohd Said MD Terengganu Science Creativity Centre.
AHTS Presentation to Dr. Tun Muhathir
Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Tun Muhathir invited the Axon 313 team to brief him on the AHTS. The briefing lasted for 2 hours and Dr. Tun Muhathir appreciated the efforts of Axon 313 and wished them all success and offered full support.
Axon 313 has signed
Axon 313 has signed a MOU with Honorable Mayor of Makkah, H.E. Dr Osama Fadl AlBar for getting detail CAD drawings about Makkah & Madina to create the 1st Hajj Training Simulator.
Joint Venture Agreement
Axon 313 has signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Kula Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) Berhad Premier Holdings to promote Axon 313 Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.
participated in Melaka
Axon 313 participated in Melaka Maju 2010 and created a touch free display through which honorable Prime Minister Najeeb used to inaugurate the Melaka Maju 2010.
Axon 313 Sdn Bhd
Axon 313 Sdn Bhd has shifted to new location at Cyberjaya. New office has been equipped with Curved Screen Display of 26’X 10’.
AHTS Presentation to Putrajaya City Mayor
Tan Sri Dato' Seri (Dr) Aseh Bin Haji Che Mat, Mayor of Putrajaya City invited the Axon 313 team to discuss the promoting AHTS in Malaysia under the direct support of Mayor.
Axon 313 has completed and delivered 3D Stereoscopic theater with customized solution & animated 3D Stereo Kaa’ba Digital Content on a 16’X 6’panoramic Screen.
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